Financial Times Top Financial Advisers 2016

Genuine Quality: PagnatoKarp a Financial Times Top 300 Financial Advisor

Just released this week, the 3rd edition of the Financial Times Top 300 Registered Investment Advisors includes PagnatoKarp – more recognition for our genuine True Fiduciary® approach that puts our clients interests above our own and our maniacal commitment to customer service.

FT PagnatoKarp

Consistently ranked by Barron’s, PagnatoKarp is one of America’s premier independent wealth protection specialists. We focus on high net-worth individuals, families and entrepreneurs. Our family office represents $2.5 billion and supports all aspects of your wealth windfall event so you can confidently get on with your life’s pursuits knowing your wealth is being protected and preserved.


Exemplary of private services usually reserved for billionaires, our Family Office provides 360° support to all of our ultra high-net-worth entrepreneurs, individuals and families. In order to fully support your family now and through generations to come, we provide a comprehensive range of personal services, advice and solutions – all tailored to just your specific needs.

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