The Broader Universe

A Fiduciary Business®: The Broader Universe

While the general public is becoming increasingly aware of the difference between fiduciary and non-fiduciary financial advisors, lost in the hubbub over that distinction is the fact that the same principle can be applied to the broader universe of advisory services.

The words “fiduciary” and “business” should be irrevocably linked with the ultimate goal of all kinds of enterprises putting the best interests of clients’ first. In other words, ensure that you are working with a Fiduciary Business® whenever possible.

For investors, you can take a step beyond the fiduciary standard by making an advisor’s adherence to True Fiduciary® standards your first line of inquiry. And though True Fiduciary® standards of transparency were developed with wealth management in mind, they are also instructive when applied to other aspects of a business.

Whether seeking advisory services for tax preparation and filing, legal advice, family governance or concierge, among others, conflicts of interest or soft dollars should not be a driving factor in the advice provided. Though each service might have its own challenges for making that a reality, they can be tied together to your needs with transparency and your best interests at the helm.

At PagnatoKarp, we’ve worked diligently and consistently to maintain our commitment to transparency and efficiency at every turn. We have applied True Fiduciary® standards to every part of our business, operating as a Fiduciary Business® and upholding the legal obligation to put your interests first.

It’s a well known adage that in the broader universe of business, the customer should always come first.  Don’t settle for less.


At PagnatoKarp, our focus is on YOU. We go beyond wealth management to help streamline your life so you have more time to spend on what matters to you most. Our Family Office team provides personalized, boutique services for investments, financial planning, tax, legal, private banking, family governance, concierge, and travel. With True Fiduciary® standards, you receive transparent advice designed to be in your best interest, focused on asset protection, cost, and opportunities.

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