Balancing Your Work and Personal Life

“Work/life balance” – the magical catchphrase that, for many professionals, seems more like an urban legend than an actual, attainable goal. Over the years, I have observed that the quest for such equilibrium is often even more of a challenge for the highly successful entrepreneurial types. Their work tends to be more all-consuming and less cut and dry than that of your average work week. The personal and professional aspects of their lives can evolve into a battle of competing interests.

While there is no magic formula to help balance the scales between work life and personal life, I recently gained some profound insights from a perhaps unlikely source. You may have heard of Tom Brady. Husband, father, and a dedicated professional at the top of his field with two NFL Most Valuable Player Awards and four Super Bowl Championships. Brady, like anyone else, must consistently make a concentrated effort to maintain a healthy work/life balance. What intrigued me the most in the interview below is that Brady’s way of seeking this balance involves both keeping his professional time separate from his family time, as well as actually integrating his work and his family.

Brady explains that his family has a huge impact on his professional life. They motivate him to work even harder. Also, he always seeks to live in the present moment; when he is at work, he is thinking only about the task at hand, and when he is with his family, he is not thinking about work. The lesson to take here is that life doesn’t have to be a constant war between work and family time.

Tom Brady on Work/Life Balance: