Cultivating Creativity in Company Culture

Innovation is the lifeblood of successful business, and creativity is its beating heart. The importance of creativity in organizational culture cannot be overstated.

A company that actively promotes curiosity and creative discovery will attract a far superior talent pool than one which operates on strict adherence to previously-established (read: outdated) formulaic procedures. Additionally, a culture of possibility is a powerful launchpad for dramatic increases in individual and team productivity. On a larger scale, the championing of inventive freedom and creative flexibility begets adaptability, growth, and competitive industry advancement for the organization as a whole.

Absence of creativity in an organization’s basic cultural structure equates to a cancerous stagnation that is almost certainly fatal. The purposeful cultivation of creativity is vital to sustaining the innovative bloodflow — and, in turn, the forward progress — of a successful business.

In the TED Talk below, Catherine Courage offers valuable insight into the practical development and sustenance of a creative corporate culture.