FA Magazine Top RIA 2018

FA Magazine Names PagnatoKarp to 2018 Top RIA Survey and Ranking

Financial Advisor Magazine released its 2018 RIA Survey and Ranking with PagnatoKarp on the list of top Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). PagnatoKarp has received four Barron’s and Forbes awards this year and was recently crowned 2018 ‘Best Multi-Family Office (New Entrant)’ at the Family Wealth Report Awards¹.

“We take our fiduciary duty as an RIA further than required, with True Fiduciary® standards that embrace transparency and the legal obligation to put clients’ interests first,” says Paul Pagnato, founder and CEO at PagnatoKarp. “As a testament to our commitment, we were recently awarded the registered trademarks for True Fiduciary® and A Fiduciary Business® by the US Patent and Trademark Office.”

With the public becoming increasingly aware of RIAs and their fiduciary commitment, assets under management in the RIA channel eclipsed $70 trillion in 2017, according to a study sponsored by the Investment Adviser Association². The number of RIAs with more than $1 billion in client assets accounts for less than 4% of all firms in the RIA space but controls 60% of the assets, according to a November 2017 Cerulli Associates report³.

For eligibility on the FA Ranking, firms must be independent registered investment advisors and file their own ADV statement with the SEC, as well as provide financial planning and related services to individual clients. The annual ranking is based on the previous year’s discretionary and nondiscretionary assets reported on Form ADV. Firms complete and submit a survey and each is represented in the final survey ranking.

Complete Survey and Ranking HERE

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At PagnatoKarp, we help high-net-worth families flourish and move forward. Our boutique team of professionals manage complex needs through investments, financial planning, tax, legal, private banking, family governance and concierge. With True Fiduciary® standards of transparency, we embrace the legal obligation to put your interests first while focusing on asset protection, cost, and opportunities.

Please contact PagnatoKarp at 703-468-2700 or ppagnato@pagnatokarp.com to schedule a private, confidential meeting at your convenience.

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