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Optimize your family’s wealth decisions. We work with clients and their children to address the topic of wealth and its impact on family life, happiness and estate planning. Our family coach facilitates family meetings, helps to create your family’s vision and mission statements and provides a variety of counseling services.


  • Family Vision, Mission and Values – we help families establish their vision, mission, and shared values pertaining to their family and wealth
  • Family Governance – we help families establish their decision-making guidelines and structures pertaining to shared family assets and family leadership
  • Letter of Wishes – we provide the guidance to help clients write their letter of wishes to further enhance their estate plans
  • Family Philanthropy – we help families establish and execute a plan to share their time, talent, and treasure with others, their community and the world


  • Multigenerational Family Meetings – we help design and facilitate multi-generational family meetings in order to equip and prepare families to flourish across the generations
  • Building Family Member Bridges – we help family members bridge their different personalities and perspectives
  • Family Legacy Stories – we help families tell their stories, share their wisdom, and pass along their lessons learned while capturing this process via print, pictures, and/or video.


  • Counseling on Impact of Sudden Wealth – we prepare the founder and his/her family pre and post liquidity events
  • Family Member Coaching – we provide individual life coaching to help each family member overcome an obstacle, build upon their strengths, and achieve their goals
  • Personality Profiling (e.g., Myers Briggs, StrengthsFinder, etc.) – we use standardized assessments and tools to help each family member understand their natural wiring and strengths which enhances their communication, decision making, and other important aspects of their individual and family lives
  • Preparing the Rising Generation – we help the NextGen of our clients increase their financial and life IQ

Legacy: The Hidden Keys to Optimizing Your Family Wealth Decisions

Legacy: The Hidden Keys to Optimizing Your Family Wealth Decisions

In Dr. Richard Orlando’s book, he explores the five most important family wealth decisions that directly impact us, our families and our legacies. Dr. Orlando offers wisdom, stories, and step-by-step advice for optimizing these decisions by aligning them with our values, purpose, and faith, in essence, our spiritual capital. Questions involve leading a happy and fulfilled life, the ability to transfer wealth and preparing the next generation for the opportunities and responsibilities of wealth.

Please contact us for a copy of Legacy or order here.

Lifestyle Experience

Our in–house concierge experts offer personalized services for customized travel planning, lifestyle management and luxury procurement. We’ve cultivated quality resources to assist with out-of-the-box requests and exclusive access to benefits. Every request made by our Family Office clients is handled with privacy and a personal touch, allowing you to focus instead on your most valuable resource — time.

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