PagnatoKarp and PinnacleCare: COVID19: The Path Forward

PagnatoKarp Partners with PinnacleCare to Provide Pandemic Response Program to Clients

PagnatoKarp has partnered with PinnacleCare, a leading health advisory firm, to give clients private access to a robust Pandemic Response Program. Through this partnership, clients receive ongoing guidance and exclusive support from PinnacleCare’s team of leading infectious disease experts. This includes direct access to PinnacleCare’s Medical Directors, private responses through a dedicated communication channel, and weekly medical reports surrounding COVID-19.

Listen to our call on 3/31/20 with Dr. Miles Varn, CEO at PinnacleCare, to gain transparency on the path forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. It remains vital to learn the facts about the virus, our nation’s healthcare system, and personal strategies that can positively impact the health and well-being of your family and the community.


Learn About:

  1. Medical Facts and Best Practices for COVID-19
  2. Our Nation’s Healthcare Capacity and Strategic Measures
  3. Making Informed Choices During and After the Pandemic

About Our Guest Speaker

Dr. Miles J. Varn is the Chief Executive Officer of PinnacleCare. He is responsible for bringing new, strategic growth and innovation to the PinnacleCare team. Dr. Varn has served on the PinnacleCare Board of Directors for 13 years. Prior to his appointment as CEO, Dr. Varn served as the Chief Medical Officer for PinnacleCare. In that role he developed relationships with top centers of excellence and physicians around the world and served as the chief contact with the distinguished PinnacleCare Medical Advisory Board. He also built PinnacleCare’s VirtualConnect program which brings remote expertise from more than 25 top academic institutions to clients wherever they reside.

Partnership with PinnacleCare

PinnacleCare is a leading health advisory firm, founded in 2001, that connects individuals to the world’s most advanced healthcare and facilitates access to top specialists for personalized care. They provide high-touch, compassionate health advisory for individuals and families – helping them avoid unnecessary medical procedures and to access the optimal care they deserve.

“It is increasingly vital to make objective and informed decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Paul A. Pagnato, CEO Founder at PagnatoKarp. “Our partnership with PinnacleCare gives our clients time-critical advice straight from experts in the medical field.”

In this time of uncertainty, PinnacleCare helps families make informed, strategic decisions with real-time information and support from a team of MD/PhD researchers and Medical Directors. PinnacleCare’s research department remains up-to-date in real time on the COVID-19 pandemic and quiets the noise with factual, objective and scientific information so you feel more in control and empowered to make better decisions for your family’s health and wellness.

Read the Press Release: PagnatoKarp Partners with PinnacleCare to Provide Pandemic Response Program to Clients


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