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As graduations conclude and the weather heats up, families across America are embarking on summer vacations, traveling the roads and airways to destinations both familiar and exotic. In many cases, a modicum of self-planning will be enough for a satisfying trip, but in other situations it may take expert advice to maximize everyone’s enjoyment.

You might know that you want to go on a bucket list trip like an African safari, hiking in Patagonia or a luxurious European cruise, but it could take days or weeks of effort to sort out all the web-based hyperbole. Just because a friend recommends a particular option doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. Of course, you can use a travel agent or an outfitter, but they may have hidden incentives to steer you in a particular direction.

What you’re looking for, first and foremost, is transparency. Can anyone in particular offer you that at a reasonable cost? Can you get the same information from TripAdvisor or Yelp? In some instances, it’ll take boutique services and a dedicated team to get the job done. In the best of circumstances, you’ll just need their help dialing in the perfect experience – but when things go wrong a faceless internet site is often unable to help. What if your outfitter goes bankrupt just before you’re set to embark? What if you break your leg in the Australian outback and need to be helicoptered out? What if your passport is stolen or there’s political upheaval before or during your trip? All of us would rather focus on Kodak moments than on these possibilities…. until they happen. That’s when you need someone to hold your hand.

Whether it’s travel or wealth management, a trusted advisor takes complex situations and aims to simplify them. You may be an experienced traveler, or a titan of business, but when plopped down into a new foreign environment, the playing field might be tilted. Those who are “native” can navigate more easily, but for others, having a great guide can make all the difference in the world.

Personalized concierge service doesn’t necessarily cost more on the front end, but it often saves you a bundle of time, money and hassle on the back end. That’s the beauty of transparency and True Fiduciary® standards; whether applied directly to your financial well-being or in concierge spirit to your next trip, the advice you receive is guided by what’s in your best interest. Service shouldn’t stop at the point of sale – it should clearly extend to the places on your bucket list.


At PagnatoKarp, our focus is on YOU. We go beyond wealth management to help streamline your life so you have more time to spend on what matters to you most. Our dedicated team provides personalized, boutique services for investments, financial planning, tax, legal, private banking, family governance, concierge, and travel. With True Fiduciary® standards, you receive transparent advice designed to be in your best interest, focused on asset protection, cost, and opportunities.

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