Dreaming Bigger – A Steve Jobs Vision

As children, we learn to dream big. We learn that we can be anything we dream of and go anywhere we want to in life. We learn that nothing is impossible. But eventually, most of us become weighed down by the perceived chains of daily obligations, financial circumstances, and, above all, fear of failure. We begin to encounter obstacles that persuade …

Fail Fast

We learn from an early age to avoid failure at any cost. The thought of bringing home a report card with a big, fat “F” on it will have any school-aged kid shaking in their boots. Corporate executives and government officials often become embroiled in cover-up scandals because their other option – admission of failure – equates to career suicide.

What is Your Legacy

Legacy is not about what we leave at the end of our lives, but how we choose to live every moment of our lives. In this sense, planning is not about leaving a legacy, but about living our legacy. It is about reaching our human potential and intentionally making a positive imprint on the world each day of our lives.

The Business of the Family

By Dr. Richard Orlando “As CEO of an international company, I have read many books on leadership, wealth, and success. Of these, Dr. Orlando’s book is in a class by itself. Legacy provides principles and insights that can assist business owners and entrepreneurs in their pursuit to prepare themselves and their children for the opportunities and responsibilities that come with success. …

Investor Education: Family Governance – Know Your Why

By Dr. Richard Orlando What is the technology you are using to make the most important family wealth decisions that impact your legacy? This is the second part in the series on legacy planning. During the first part of the series, I defined what legacy planning is and what it is not and what I shared was that legacy planning isn’t …