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University of Virginia Hosts Paul Pagnato for Longevity and Financial Well-Being Presentation

Paul A. Pagnato will be presenting “Longevity and Financial Well-Being” at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce through the Center for Investors and Financial Markets (CIFM).  The presentation is part of the Sands Capital CIFM Professional Speaker Series which explores timely and relevant financial topics that complement the robust curriculum at McIntire to expand learning opportunities.

“Advances in artificial intelligence, genomics, nutrition and healthcare are rapidly contributing to longer lifespans,” says Paul Pagnato, Founder and CEO at PagnatoKarp. “Our personal financial well-being needs to keep pace with these advances, so we may truly enjoy the gift longevity brings: time.”

Pagnato designed “Longevity and Financial Well-Being” to appeal to a broad base of students across UVA, as well as those pursuing undergraduate and advanced degrees in finance, to help make a positive impact on students early in their education and career. The presentation at UVA is scheduled for January 29, 2019.

McIntire Finance Professor Mike Gallmeyer says, “Through the Professional Speaker Series, we will be able to bring top financial professionals to McIntire to speak to our students. This will enhance our students’ knowledge base beyond what we currently do in the classroom, as well as strengthen our ties with our alumni and employers in the finance industry.”

PagnatoKarp is committed to helping strengthen financial literacy and the next generation of financial leaders. In partnership with the Barron’s In Education program, PagnatoKarp has proudly sponsored UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce to provide educational opportunities for real world engagement with financial markets and the use of analytical tools widely used by the investment industry. Learn more about Barron’s In Education HERE.

Originally founded as the Center for Financial Innovation in 1999, McIntire’s CIFM remains focused on its core mission of advancing research and teaching that emphasizes creativity in the practice of corporate finance and investing. The Center supports the purposeful exchange of finance-related ideas through faculty research, curriculum innovation, and scholarly and professional outreach. By promoting understanding about the investor community and the performance and structure of financial markets through collaborative relationships among faculty, students, finance professionals, and policymakers, the CIFM generates new knowledge across disciplines to benefit scholarship and education at the McIntire School.

Learn more about the Sands Capital CIFM Professional Speakers Series HERE.

Read the Press Release: Paul Pagnato Delivers Longevity and Financial Well-Being at University of Virginia


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