What Is A Family Office?

What Is A Family Office?

If you’ve been working every day growing your business and find that your business has overtaken your life, you might need help simplifying complexity. Who do you rely on to help you navigate and streamline your affairs?

In this era of increased automation and democratization of information, there are options to satisfy most everyone’s level of risk, fee tolerance and those with a willingness to do their homework.

Your financial future, however, is not determined solely by the performance of your investments. There are tax considerations, legal implications, estate planning issues, and a host of other factors that come into play — and they all interact with one another.

A Family Office takes a holistic view of your family, fleshing out your goals and priorities, mapping out a cohesive financial plan, and layering value-added services such as investment, tax, legal, concierge, private banking and family coaching.

The concept of a Family Office began years ago when very wealthy families had their affairs tended to by an “office” of assistants. They were responsible for ensuring their assets were well invested and properly protected. They handled cash streams, bills, and payments, coordinated estate plans, taxes, and legal affairs. They also took care of family travel, lifestyle administration, and logistical details. The family’s legacy was defined, philanthropy established, and future generations covered. One stop shopping.

Today, Family Offices continue to provide personalized services dedicated to your family’s needs. What has become a game changer are the principles through which a Family Office operates. Transparency is the key to knowing which side of the table your team sits on and how they are being paid, down to the fees and costs. Whether the advisory model is fee-only, fee-based, commission based or a combination, transparency promotes clarity and is a means to fleshing out the details.

True Fiduciary® standards embrace transparency and the legal obligation to place your best interests first. At PagnatoKarp, True Fiduciary® standards are the guiding principles for our Family Office services and we are happy to provide a notarized copy of these standards to each household we serve.

A Family Office establishes a personalized relationship with your family and aims to find valuable ways to provide security and peace of mind for generations to come. Complexity simplified.


With over $4.5 billion assets under advisement¹, PagnatoKarp specializes in Intelligent Wealth Management™ for CEO Founders, wealth creators and ultra-high-net-worth families. With True Fiduciary® standards of transparency, we embrace the legal obligation to put your interests first while focusing on asset protection, cash flow, and value-added opportunities. Frequently ranked on top financial advisor lists by Barron’s and Forbes, and a Virginia Best Place to Work², our goal is to simplify and elevate your life so you have more time to spend on what matters to you most.