True Fiduciary®

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Your Best Interests Come First.


A Fiduciary Business®

Our Wealth Management Experience helps streamline your life through high-touch sophistication, high-tech innovation and True Fiduciary® transparency. Core experiences for total financial well-being include investment, planning, tax, legal, private banking and trust, family coaching, travel and concierge.

An independent, fee-only financial advisor, wealth management firm and multi-family office, PagnatoKarp has $3.8 billion assets under advisement¹, and manages the complex needs of ultra and high-net-worth families.

Through True Fiduciary® standards, we embrace the legal fiduciary obligation to place client interests first. From breakthrough solutions to tailored financial plans, we combine new opportunities and innovative technology with personalized services to simplify complexity. Our mission is to positively impact one million lives through True Fiduciary® transparency.


What is a True Fiduciary®?

A True Fiduciary® is an advisor who adheres to the following standards of transparency:

  1. Embrace the Legal Fiduciary Obligation to Place Clients' Interests First.
  2. Deliver Comprehensive Financial Planning.
  3. Provide Fee-Only Advice.
  4. Do Not Accept Commissions.
  5. Receive Only One Source of Revenue: Client Fees.
  6. Provide Transparency on Portfolios and Investments.
  7. Remain Independent from any Bank, Broker Dealer, Insurance, or Custodian.
  8. Measure Client Performance Returns using Independent Third Parties.
  9. Do Not Create Products to Sell or Price Any Public Securities.
  10. Do Not Hold Any Client Assets, Securities, or Money.

Fee-Only Financial Advisor


100% independent, fee-only financial advisor. We do not receive any commissions, revenue sharing, kick-backs, or soft dollars.

You receive complete transparency on the fees you pay for advisory services and investment expenses.

Your portfolio is fully transparent and viewable 24/7 from any device in a secure environment.









David Karp was quoted by Tony Robbins in his book, Money: Master the Game, about what makes a ‘suitable’ vs. ‘fiduciary’ financial advisor.

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Presidential Report: "The Effects Of Conflicted Advice On Retirement Savings"

  • “Conflicted advice reduces investment returns by roughly 1% for savers.”
  • “We estimate the aggregate annual cost of conflicted advice is about $17 billion each year.”

Source: Page 26, "The Effects Of Conflicted Advice On Retirement Savings", February 2015, The Council of Economic Advisers, within the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

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